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Single Herbs - Alphabetical List

These medicinal quality herbs sell for $10.00 per packet or $18.00 for a large (double size) packet. Postage and Handling extra cost depending on order weight.
Email us for more information or to purchase herbs.

Alfalfa Leaf
Alfalfa & Mint Leaf
Angelica root
Astragalus Root

Bergamot Leaf & Flower
Brahmi (Bacopa) Twig
Burdock Root

Calendula Flowers
Cats claw Inner Bark
Chamomile Flowers
Chaste Tree Seeds
Chicory Root (roasted)
Cleavers Aerial parts
Couch grass Rhizome & Root

Damiana Leaf
Dandelion Leaf
Dandelion Root

Echinacea root
Echinacea Whole plant
Elder Berry
Elder Flower
Elecampagne Root
Eyebright Aerial parts

Fennel seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Feverfew Leaf & Flowers
Figwort Aerial parts

Ginger root
Ginkgo biloba Leaf
Goats Rue Aerial parts
Gotu kola Leaf
Greater Celandine Aerial parts
Gymnema Leaf

Hawthorn Leaf & Flowers
Hawthorn Berry
Horsetail Leaf
Hyssop Leaf & Flowers

Lavender Flowers
Lemon Balm Leaf
Lemon Grass Leaf
Lemon Grass & Spearmint
Lemon Verbena Leaf
Licorice Root
Linden (Lime) Bracts
Marshmallow Leaf
Marshmallow Root
Meadowsweet Aerial parts
Motherwort Leaf & Flowers
Mullein Leaf

Nettle Leaf

Passionflower Aerial parts
Pau d'arco Bark
Peppermint Leaf

Qing Hao Leaf

Raspberry & Mint Leaf
Red Clover Flower
Rose petals
Rosehips - Hips
Rosemary Leaf

Sage Leaf & Flowers
Saw Palmetto Berry
Schisandra Berry
Scullcap (lateriflora) Aerial parts
Slippery Elm Bark
Spearmint Leaf
St John's Wort Leaf & Flowers
St Mary's Thistle Seed
Stevia Leaf

Thyme Leaf
Tribulus Fruit
Turkey Rhubarb Root

Uve ursi Leaf

Valerian Root
Vervain Leaf & Flowers

Withania Root
White Horehound Leaf & Flowers
White Willow Bark
Willow Herb Leaf & Flowers
Wild Yam Root

Yarrow Leaf & Flowers
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