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We have information on and sell a large variety of herbs and teas. More information is available on request, by email.
bullet Single Herbs
Single herb teas - superb quality herbs are all Australian Grown, Organic or Wildcrafted. They make excellent alternatives to 'normal' tea, with added health benefits. Specific blends can be made up for you as an individual - email us with your requirements, or your own special blend.
bullet Green Teas
Green teas are important sources of antioxidants called catechins. These are useful for regulating cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and protecting the liver.
bullet 'Coffee' Alternatives
Coffee may be a tasty and stimulating drink, but the caffeine levels and other substances in coffee may not be of benefit for the health of every person. For that reason Starflower Herbals has put together a selection of rich tasting, delicious coffee alternatives that can be made in a plunger in the same way. These delicious drinks have useful health advantages as well as taste delights.
bullet Herb Formulas
These formulas are designed for specific conditions by our leading herbalist. They are tried and tested formulas for a range of conditions and we will be continually adding new ones as we develop this area further.
bullet Herbs for Babies & Children
bullet Australian Bush Foods & Herbs
bullet Imported Herbs
For many of these herbs, I am trying to develop Australian Organic growers, and these will be added to the Australian list as this happens.
bullet Herbs for Specific Conditions
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